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  • pls do have photos . they uproootteed the complete former jr. and ukg school groundsof its trees too. pls do send some photos of older days in school

  • Nikhil, I’ll try to get hold of some old photos. When we scan the school magazines of those days, we get grainy images.

  • I have B&W fotos ,tour fotos to neyyar dam srinagar gulmarg agra[1964-1970.]Shall scan and send.Also class group fotos.Why no earlier days news about Muthunayakam,maya thomas jacob sir moorthysir pillai sir and other teachers.Grand old lady was Maya thomas and now overtaken by Deepa pillai[no offence]Earlier school mag about Chinappan by Jinan C.K.was touching and 2005 mag article by Muthunayakam miss was touching.In calicut chances of meeting ex-Loyolaties are minimal.Went to school in 2005 on a Sunday and spent 2 hrs.With principal. Why no ,very old students, first batch etc messages articles by them .Mostly 90’s.Only now started going through Loyola sites and today Vineeth Abrahams Phantom comics.
    LOBA directory last published when ?Are 06 & 07 S.mag available?

  • Raghavan, please let me know once the photos have been scanned. I will try to post on the teachers of the 1970s. If somebody starts a team blog, will Loyolites of the 1970s contribute? I do not know when the LOBA directory was last published — I do not get LOBA’s newsletters. The 2007 school magazine is available on this blog.

  • Yes i shall put in my efforts in getting the boys of seventies cotribute.LOBA has not come up with any news letter recently.
    LOBA directory was last published in 95,when Dr.Santhosh Rollands was President and Ram prakash was the secretary.

  • Thanks Rajiv for giving that info on the LOBA directory.

    I saw a LOBA newsletter on the school notice-board when I visited Loyola in January 2008.

  • Ashok,
    Could you put a year-month breakup of the archived articles. When I click on the label “Great School Campaign”, I am shown only links to 2 posts. Could you give the year-monthwise breakup also?

  • Ashok,
    You could make use of blogrolling feature ( to maintain the list of other Loyolite bloggers. It has a feature by which it automatically marks blogs which have been updated recently. Just a suggestion 🙂

  • Dear Ashok,
    Thanks for the mail.Hope you remember me.Keep up the good work.We are with you all the way.This is a very good idea of yours to link the batches also.Please do the needful and I will pass it on to the Boys of Seventy Eight.By the way we are having our 30th year of passing out of our batch get together at Uday Samudra Resorts,Kovalam on 9th and 10th August.We are expecting around 25 families.We will be going to school on the 9th.

  • Shajy, of course, I remember you. I’ve sent an invite for you to join loyolamod. Happy to see that you have tracked batchmates and brought them together, online and offline. Best wishes for the two-day reunion.

    • Thank you Sethu for alerting me to these blogs. Initially I compiled the list; these days, more often, Loyolite bloggers alert me, and provide the link to their own blogs. That saves me the trouble of finding the real identity behind a blog.

  • Thank you for the information, Ashok. May Fr.. Kuruvilla Cherian rest in peace.
    SureshR (BOSS)

  • Hi Ashok,

    High time you started posting articles. I am sure there are many who are feeling the same.

  • Karthik, have you noticed that you are the only one asking for blogposts here? 🙂 Maybe I should bow before your perseverance, and re-start the blog, even if in a different fashion. If that happens, please stand ready to take the blame!

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