Why We Thought BOS Came Back from Nigeria

When Roshen (1989) sent me this, I could not resist putting it here.
– Ashok

Hi, this is Roshen, Ashok’s brother. B.O. Sebastian sir’s comment that he and Teresa madam had never been to Nigeria has come as a shock to Ashok and me. Old memories are being looked up, puzzled looks are being exchanged…

Roshen (left) and Ashok in those 'akka chakka' days

The story begins when Ashok joined LKG in Loyola. Unlike now, he was a very silent kid and rarely spoke a word. A few days after joining Loyola, he came home prattling “akka chakka nova, leh misa, leh misa, gudu gudu misa, gudu gudu misa”. No really, I didn’t make that up. He said that – many, many times.

As the elder brother, I was amused by this sudden eloquence and showed off my brother to our neighbours. No one could understand what Ashok was trying to tell us.

Our mother, worried, went to meet his class teacher, who had newly arrived from… ahem… Nigeria. According to family legend, his class teacher Teresa madam, told our mother that Ashok was actually singing a song she had taught the class. “akka chakka nova” was a song she had picked up from her days in Nigeria. There was nothing to worry about the boy. In fact, he seemed to be appreciating other cultures very well. At least, that’s what our mother told us when she came home.

And now BOS reveals that he and Teresa madam have never seen the shores of Nigeria. Ashok has frantically been googling for “akka chakka nova” today. Zero results!

Putting all pieces together, it’s clear now why our mother used to sleep so little those days. She was hiding Ashok’s gibberish from the rest of us. Teresa madam’s Nigerian connection was invented to “explain” the prattle. And thirty years later, we still thought BOS came back from Nigeria.


  • talk about being so creative at that tender age!! i am impressed nephews!! also, you both look awfully cute.

  • Dear Ashok,
    The song taught by Teresa Madam is as follows..
    Atta Katta Nova, Atta katta nova, a missaday dula misaday..Hexa kolla missa rotte Hexa kolla missa rotte… A missa day dula missa day..
    This song is from Africa…
    Teresa madam says that when she had her training in Germany as part of training she was taught this song… They were taught songs from different countries…Thus she was able to remember and teach them,..This was taught as she told a story on Fishermen…inAfrica..
    Any way it is wonderful to note you rememeber the good old days in Loyola ..Yes life is made up of memories…
    Let your children too grow in good sweet and pleasant memories…
    Bye ..BOS and Teresa Madam..

  • GC, what a pleasant surprise to see you here! Also, brilliant of you to subtly remind us that cuteness runs in the family. 😉

    Ah! So, that’s it. Thank you Teresa madam – lessons learnt in LKG are being re-learnt now 🙂 When I went to Loyola UKG four years ago, I took a tape recorder and recorded a song they sang then — “three little ducks went out to play, over the hill and far away”. The original, “went out one day”, was modified to “went out to play”, probably for the Indian kids. Thank you sir for sharing the details of what was once my theme song. Even though I do not remember the song, “atta katta” is part of our family legend.

  • Dear Everybody our young friends,
    A special thanks to Sreejesh for the prayers for good health. Any way we are happy through this writeups we are able to come closer… We are found at a stage of being lost and found after very many years.
    Many of our old students are phoning up and sending mails enaurign about my health. Thank you very much.For those you enquire let me place before you the details.
    I had the protate gland operation in April. Although I was feeling well, There some obstruction for urine flow. The biopsy in the first instant was negative and we thanked God. But the second biopsy proved to be positive and it is in the beginning of the second stage. So I am advised to have radiation for 30 days. It is done at Amrita Hospital and it is in progrss. I have to go for another 12 days more.
    I am still working as the principal of a School. I try to carry on with my work with the treatment. Your prayers and enqueries keep me going and to face it boldly. I too have some problem with one of my kidneys too.
    All our problems fly away when so many of Our Loyolites call us or visit us. It is great. We feel proud of having taught you .We feel that teaching not a thankless job. It is a matter of pride that you look back with nostalgia the good old days at Loyola.
    Bye with lots of love to all of you from both of Us.Teresa Madam and BOS.

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