Flowers of Loyola

Vishnu Dattan (2001 ISC) works at Infosys Technologies in Singapore, and is known to most Loyolites as a former School Leader, Best Loyolite, keyboardist or office-bearer of LOBA.

But some of us know him also as a photo enthusiast. His photoblog, begun this year, gathers many comments every time he posts, and last week Vishnu won a prize in a photography competition organised by UBS in Singapore.

A few months ago, Vishnu agreed to our request: a series of photos on Loyola’s flowers. In this guest post, he lets his photography evoke memories of the Loyola garden. – Ashok
Flowers of Loyola – a photo series by Vishnu Dattan


  • manoharam 🙂

    Am a photography enthusiast myself. But don’t have a good cam at the moment.

    one of dattettans classmates, vivek chacko, is teaching me at my college. He’s into this too.Saw his album on orkut. Is simply stupendous.

  • Datta…
    Great job man… and it is even more stunning that this is not taken in any SLR! Its all about getting the right angle and having a creative mind… keep it going… waiting to see u upgrade to an SLR…

  • beautiful photos vishnu. thanks ashok for coming up with this brainwave. its a pity that today the trees and plants and flowers have taken a backseat and we alumni have to despair at the concrete jungle that loyola is today. 🙁

  • Jiby, when I went with Asif Kalam and Vishnu Dattan for taking pics, I felt that the campus is more colouful now, with various kinds of flowers. The man-made garden is bigger than in the past, but the natural greenery appears to have dwindled.

    I request campus enthusiasts to post ideas here for future photo features on this blog.

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