School Magazine 2009

The Loyolite 2009 - school magazine of Loyola School, Trivandrum

Download the PDF version of The Loyolite 2009
Cover and Table of Contents (3.1MB)
Pages 01 to 15 (10.4MB)
Pages 16 to 32 (7.7MB)
Pages 33 to 50 (8.8MB)
Pages 51 to 69 (8.2MB)
Pages 69 to 89 (22MB; class photos; e-version not being released)
Pages 90 to 100 (5.6MB)
Pages 101 to 128 (10.2MB)

Hat tip: Fr Toby Joseph, who sent me the DVD within a week of the magazine’s release.

Happy reading!

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  • Awesome magazine. Interesting cover page. 🙂 The inner pages look good too. 😀

    Great work, Ashok! 🙂

  • i prolly remember like it was yesterday the last yrs mag coming up in ashok’s blog. More than to tell how fast time is flyin by, it will be illustrative to tell that ashok is consistent with this blog in having brought out in total three school mags in a row to cyberland.
    Good goin! havent got time 2 read this , but seems ‘good designin’!

  • That was certainly an interesting literary sojourn into my old school Ashok. It’s going on 40 years since I graduated yet in some ways there are some thought processes expressed by the current crop of students that seem to strike a chord, which surprises me. For sure its a trip down memory lane. Thank you.

  • Vishnu, frankly, I didn’t (when I started out) expect to pull off this hat-trick.

    Peter, a pleasure. I too have felt that the school mag is right up there along with the events (school day, sports day, youth festival) in kindling memories, and uniting us with later generations.

  • The cover reminds me of those bizarre collage pieces that make the covers of those locally manufactured school/college notebooks.

    Class devolved into crass.