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Let us march a-singing

Let us march a-singing

May 2012 was the Loyola music season.

First off the block was Jishnu Dasgupta (1996 ISC), of the Bangalore-based band Swarathma. Their second album Topiwalleh was released in early May. Catch the title track. Or hear them live on their multi-city tour.

George Peter (1989) then came with “One: The Unity Song”. The music video is on YouTube and was hyped for featuring an ensemble of singers, film stars and other celebrities.

The new sensation, however, is Siddharth Kumar (2005), who brought us “Paloma”, modelled on Kolaveri. Must hear! His band, the Chennai-based Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk have come out with an album titled Crystal Moon. That’s Siddharth on the left, playing the keyboard.


For $200, Even This Man Can Be Silenced

For $200, Even This Man Can Be Silenced

Sreenath Sreenivasan (1987) now wants us to pay to keep him quiet.

This is a fund-raiser for scholarships at Columbia University.

“A few years ago, Dean Sree was known for sending school-wide emails known as ‘Sree-mail,'” Columbia student LaToya Tooles told me. “He sent a lot of it and students begged him to stop. Now Sree does a lot of tweeting, and while we don’t mind the tweeting, we thought we would adapt a few fundraising models and capitalize on his rather loud web voice.”

Read more about last year’s adventure.

In the 1980s, Loyola teachers ensured a silent Sree without paying a paisa.  Back then, they made him pay. 🙂