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Guest post by AJAY GEORGE PALAKUZHY (2003 ISC)

If I were to ask Loyolites what would be one of their happiest moments in school life I think the top picks would be the following :

  • LaFest
  • 11th standard School Day play
  • Excursion (Goa/Bangalore)

They are all in my top 10 list too.

But the Cardboard Cricket days were the happiest days in my school life. It summed up all the camaraderie, innocence, and love of a lifetime.

What on the earth is Cardboard Cricket ?

This story goes back to my 3rd standard I think. We used to have two final exams in a day. The second one used to get over by around 2 pm and we had a complete one hour of free time until the school bus started for home. This was the time for Cardboard Cricket.

Bat: Writing board used for exams.

paperballtiedwithrubberexampadcardboardBall: An intricate composition of a pebble at the core with meticulously wrapped paper rolls held together by multiple rubber bands.

Pitch: The gap between two trees on the elevated area behind the goal post (near junior school) .

A motley gang of around 10 used to rush to the spot after exams, the two captains would decide the teams, and off we were to that magic land.

Nothing else really mattered for us during that one hour.

For me that is the picture-perfect moment I want to treasure throughout my life.

Even though the majority of the guys used to play football during that time, around 10 of us preferred this game.

I think we used to play until we were in the 5th or 6th standard, when we upgraded to real cricket bats and tennis ball.

What is your favourite memory or incident from school days?

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Ajay George Palakuzhy is a Technology Analyst in Bengaluru. An earlier version of the post appeared at Ajay’s blog.

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