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The idea of launching sparked in 2004.

The previous year, as president of the Old Boys’ Association (LOBA), I had seen that:

  • an increasing number of Loyolites were moving out of Kerala after graduation;
  • the internet was enabling inexpensive, faster, frequent, and direct communication among old boys;
  • LOBA was rapidly growing in size, yet failing to attract volunteers to run it; and
  • the needs/expectations of old boys varied across generation and location — a Loyolite from the 1970s based in Kerala expected LOBA to do x, while his classmate in California wanted LOBA to do y. And then there was the Loyolite from 2000s, who wanted z.

My reading was that the alumni movement would soon shift — from a monopoly model to a network model. If in the past, old boys looked to LOBA for meeting all their needs, in the future, they were likely to pick-and-choose the best ventures to meet each specific need. So in 2004, after stepping down as president, I bought the domain name

By 2007, e-groups, batch websites, and e-communities have sprung up, thanks to enterprising Loyolites with energy and ideas., we hope, will make the mela merrier.