School Magazine 2008

Cover of the 2008 school magazine of Loyola School

Download the PDF version of The Loyolite 2008.

Pages 01 to 21 (including cover; 9.5MB)
Pages 22 to 40 (9.3MB)
Pages 41 to 56 (class photos; 7.4MB)
Pages 57 to 120 (excluding Principal interview; 8.7MB)

If the files are too large for download, please read the Table of Contents (1.8 MB) first and identify your favourite pages for download. Given the discussions we have had on this blog, you might enjoy reading the Interview with Principal (transcript; 74KB).

This year’s school magazine was released before Loyola closed for summer holidays. I am told that this was the first time since 1999 that the magazine was distributed before the holidays. Kudos to the editorial team for bringing the publication date back on track.

This year’s magazine makes it to the Web here thanks to student editor Arun Sudarsan (2009 ISC), and old boys Hari Gopal (2005 ISC), and Jiby John Kattakayam (1998 ISC).

Missed last year’s magazine? Hop over to The Loyolite 2007.


  • I would like to mention here that it was my dear classmates – Siddharth V Anand, Sajad S Santosh, Vishnu Prasad A, Joseph K J and Kiran D who made the magazine a reality. I would like to thank Ashok for uploading the magazine. Hope you all will enjoy reading the magazine.

    Let “The Loyolite 2009” be even better.

  • Ashok,
    The table of contents link is also showing an error when trying to view.

    To bring out the magazine before the school closes for summer holidays is a welcome change. I am sure a lot of effort would have gone into this. Congrats to all of them responsible for this.

  • I never thought I’d say this but even without DP the magazine has managed to sizzle. Looks good, and keeps one turning the pages. Quite an achievement, I’d say.

  • Karthik, I’ve corrected the link. It works now. Thanks!

    I wonder what all of you (as magazine readers) feel about the errors in such ventures — should school magazines reflect students’ work warts and all (that is, carry articles as they were written) or should teacher and student editors correct usage, grammar, etc. before publication? What policy should be followed hereafter?

    Arun, Karthik and Bimal, thank you for contributing to the discussion here.

  • Interesting. Never thought of it that way. Think a minimal amount of intervention is called for. Blatant grammatical errors should be corrected. Tell the students that these are the errors and leave it to them to correct. That way, we can ensure that the piece does not become too artificial and contrivedly grown-up and that at the same time, the basics of the language are not molested.

  • >> Bimal Says:

    I never thought Iā€™d say this but even without DP the magazine has managed to sizzle. <<

    It’s when you see statements such as this that you realize that post-1995 Loyolites probably haven’t seen teachers of such sublime quality as BOSS and PAMS šŸ™‚

    Deepa Pillai joined Loyola when we were in the 10th and she was our class teacher for that year as well as the next two years. While she was very obviously a very good teacher, our previous English teacher was PAMS – so you can imagine what we felt like!

    Oh well, admiration is based on relative perceptions of quality I guess!

  • Thank you Ashok and team for putting up the soft copy of the Loyolite… in fact reading the past editions was one of my fav activities… also appreciate the fact that you are sill close to school at heart… would it be possible to create email addresses on behalf of our teachers so that we can send emails to them… may be some of them wouldnt like the idea …but you can convince them telling that all emails will be printed and despatched as regular mail to them periodically… of course no privacy …but defenitely will spark a few of us to contact our beloved teachers… especially the ones like me who are abroad…

    Sree (’93)

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