Let us march a-singing

May 2012 was the Loyola music season.

First off the block was Jishnu Dasgupta (1996 ISC), of the Bangalore-based band Swarathma. Their second album Topiwalleh was released in early May. Catch the title track. Or hear them live on their multi-city tour.

George Peter (1989) then came with “One: The Unity Song”. The music video is on YouTube and was hyped for featuring an ensemble of singers, film stars and other celebrities.

The new sensation, however, is Siddharth Kumar (2005), who brought us “Paloma”, modelled on Kolaveri. Must hear! His band, the Chennai-based Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk have come out with an album titled Crystal Moon. That’s Siddharth on the left, playing the keyboard.



  • Hi Ashok..

    Thanks for the post and the links… It was a revelation to realise that a loyolite was in swarthma, especially since I happen to like their music. Wonder if you could also post links to the artists websites so that people could also show their support by actually buying their music.

    Ranjit Panicker
    1994 ISC

  • Hi Ranjit, thanks for sharing the thought. In this case, the post’s links are to the official versions of the songs; I feel the band/singer has space to promote or sell there. And as for the supporter, Google is hardly a click away.

    As a general rule, I’m not wholly opposed to carrying links to commercial websites of Loyolites, but am less inclined to go the extra mile. This is because, beyond a point, credibility becomes an issue. My responsibility is to inform the reader, not make him buy X product, or help the featured Loyolite boost sales.

    As it is, I am soft on guys featured here; don’t make me crawl, please. 🙂

  • “हम एक हैं खुदा के लिए” sounds a lot like the American credo of “One Nation under God” rather than anything Indian, and I hazard to guess that it’s not the only thing that is borrowed in that song. The song can also be seen as a metaphor for our confused and not-yet-sure-about-itself nation. Times are such that if you buy one Yesudas, you’ll get another one free? Anyway, nice to see K.S. Chitra performing again after the terrible tragedy that struck her life, assuming that her segment was shot recently.

  • Hello Ashok, a small correction. George Peter left Loyola in 1983 (I think it was) as his family had relocated to Kochi.

  • Reuben, thanks for supplementing on George Peter, who was marked “1989” as per the house style of this blog — the batch a person belonged to is mentioned immediately after the first occurrence of the name, irrespective of whether the person completed his 10th/12th from Loyola or left mid-way. Another example is Sreenath Sreenivasan (1987).

  • Thanks Ashok, in that case, the batch should be 1988 as he was my close friend and class mate in Std V A (Mrs. Radha Nair, 1982)

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