Classrooms Around the World

Recently, The Guardian newspaper carried a photo feature on classrooms from different countries.

To me, this one came closest to our school.

It’s from Bangladesh. The white wall, the tube light, the attendance register, the white shirts, the brown desks, watches on some of the wrists.

Spot the similarities and differences. Have fun! (And remember to get glimpses of classrooms in other parts of the world.)



  • We’d keep our classrooms a lot cleaner though. What, with all the sweeping. Did we have a ‘sweeping squad’, or is it just my imagination now?
    – rahul (isc ’97)

  • Hey, Rahul, that’s a very good observation. It’s right there, but I missed! Yes, the squad was called ‘School Maintenance Squad’ or something. In high school, students (bench by bench?) cleaned their respective classrooms each evening, while the squad members supervised. There was a ‘WC cleaning team’ too, but I don’t recall how students were allocated to that activity.

    Loyola classrooms had lower ceilings too, if I recall right.

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