One More Loyolite in Malayalam Cinema

babithgeorgeBabith George (1993 SSLC) enters Malayalam films as music director. Babith has composed songs and the background score for Dracula 2012.

Watch and listen to his song “Paarijaatha Pookkal” here (via YouTube).

And then, read about him in The Hindu.

Hat tip: Benoy Ittyavirah (1993 SSLC)



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  • Not bad,Good attempt for a start ….
    As you are coming into main stream i have to say this.
    Need creation which are new and different from what audience have already seen.(this has shades of other song eg madavataninnu…) Malaya lies are tough, they criticise even if a person is good.(eg prithviraj)
    Wish you all the best

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